Under The Patronage of H.E Mr Jameel Humaidan The Minister of Labour and Social Development

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Labour and Social Development, Mr Jameel Humaidan, we would like to request for your kind support at the “Let’s Get to Work Seminar” to be held on the May 8th 2017 at the Rotana Hotel, Amwaj.

As a sponsor, your organization will be in all Media Coverage, Name and Logo will be included in the invitations, all publicity materials, advertisement, special display & prime stall position in the entrance of the seminar hall as well as in any give aways.

The theme of the seminar is similar to TEDx and we hope to make it a platform in order to inspire Bahrainis especially the youth into seeking alternatives and eventually achieving success which we will follow up and assist with during and after the seminar.

The Seminar will be covered Live on social media platforms and recorded and placed on you tube for others to benefit from the event.

Our main aim is to hold this event twice a year, in May and in October(follow up of the success/questions) of each year in order to introduce the changes in the market as well as the market requirements.

With the local and global markets changing around us, a large number of fresh Bahraini graduates and competent job seekers are facing difficulties in finding their desired job/career.

Task and Lenark Management Consultancy will be holding a one day seminar to introduce the current trends, and dead ends in the job market.

The “Let’s get to work Seminar” will be an opportunity for employers, employees, job seekers and graduates to benefit and understand the market trends as well as introduce their businesses as well as their inspirations.

This seminar is the first of its kind where the main aim is to reach out and provide a proper understanding as well as the benefits of jobs versus careers. Our second aim is to highlight the private sector to encourage Bahraini graduates to seek an optimistic alternative rather than just settle for a public position especially in the current situation.

While there are many vacant positions in the market(private sector), we find many Bahrainis hesitant in applying and prefer to wait years for a cushioned public job (the problem is that with the current market, this is no longer possible) , rather than a career based, work their way up position in the private sector which eventually provides more opportunities and better financial gains as well as experience.

We look forward to your support which will hopefully motivate the Bahraini youth and will make a change.