The Bahrain Youth Business Club

The Bahrain Youth Business Club will be launched on the 8th of May 2017 at the “Let’s Get to Work Seminar” at the Art Rotana Amwaj.

Whether we are 50, 100 or 200 strong our aim is to assist one another in establishing, marketing and by supporting one another via the newly established platform.

Sometimes, it is difficult to place yourself in the market. You have an aspiration and an idea and there are no suitable organisations in which you can develop, and get it started.

The Bahrain Youth Business club will be the catalyst that sets you on your way with your innovative ideas.

Young minds, fresh ideas, “socialpreneurs” and entrepreneurs coming together under one umbrella to support one another in every way.

If you would like to be a part of this contact us here .

Bahrain: Be a part of the “Let’s Get To Work” Seminar

The “Let’s get to work” seminar is being held under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Labour and Social Development, Mr Jameel Humaidan, on the May 8th 2017 at the Rotana Hotel, Amwaj.

Dr Mohammed Al Ansari, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs, Ministry of Labour & Social Development:

Mr Faisal Al Asfoor, Senior Manager – Training & Development, Y.K. Al Moayyed & Sons:

Mr Wael Mirza, Department Head Public Relations, ASRY:

The theme of the seminar is similar to TEDx and we hope to make it a platform in order to inspire Bahrainis especially the youth into seeking alternatives and eventually achieving success which we will follow up and assist with during and after the seminar.
The Seminar will be covered Live on social media platforms and recorded and placed on you tube for others to benefit from the event.
With the world changing at a fast pace, many are left to guide themselves with very little knowledge of the opportunities in the market.
If you would like to be a part of this and would be interested in being in our video series, and if you would consider being a major or a minor sponsor or would like to display your organisation at the event for others to benefit from, please click to contact us here